Juliette & William’s Story

Dealing With William’s Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Kingdom Healthcare had the confidence and competence to provide solutions instead of obstacles.

Cerebral Palsy: Juliette & William’s Story

I am Juliette, William’s mum. He was born in November 1990 and was a cheerful baby. Growing up, his protective older sister was protective, ensuring William was always the centre of attention.

As time passed, we noticed that William appeared to have difficulty meeting some of his developmental milestones. In those early years, he was prone to respiratory infections, which required regular doses of antibiotics to stave off.

When the day came that William was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, we were devastated. As a family, we decided to ensure this diagnosis did not interfere with the attention and care that we gave our precious boy. However, it meant he was unlikely to walk, talk or take care of the daily needs that many of us take for granted.

We are a dually registered company with the RQIA, supplying nurses and domiciliary care services to those who need it most. Our handpicked staff have experience in caring for clients in any situation, including those with dementia, physical disabilities, and complex needs that require round-the-clock care.

How Kingdom Healthcare Put William’s Care First

Five years ago, I was introduced to the managers of Kingdom Healthcare. Following a prolonged stay in the hospital, social workers faced a lengthy search to source appropriate healthcare professionals to supply bespoke clinical care for William's needs.

Over the previous six months, William faced several challenges in relation to his Cerebral Palsy condition, including a ventilator for breathing support at night. Due to difficulties swallowing, the nurses administered his food and medication through a peg line into his stomach.

After such a difficult experience, our anxiety was eased when we spoke to the Kingdom Healthcare representatives, who were both experienced nurses. They reassured us that they specialised in looking after individuals with complex needs in their own home.

Kingdom Healthcare had the confidence and competence to provide solutions instead of obstacles. Their nursing and healthcare staff came into the hospital to meet William and, in doing so, got to understand his Cerebral Palsy needs first-hand. It was then that the thought of bringing William home again was becoming a reality.

Throughout this time, William and I developed a rapport with the Kingdome Healthcare lead nurse. She liaised with the hospital and community teams to ensure every detail was in place ahead of William's discharge.

When William came home, we were incredibly relieved. It was reassuring to have him return to his family home in the ambulance, accompanied by his Kingdom Healthcare Nurse.

William has a select team of nurses and Healthcare Assistants who are committed to delivering the best care possible for our son. We receive a bespoke care rota in advance, so we understand who the named staff are and the schedule for when they are due to arrive at our home.

We believe that William's clinical care is second to none. With his complex needs taken care of, he can focus on watching Liverpool, taking drives around the countryside, and being with animals. William's dedicated Kingdom Healthcare carers keep him smiling and make fun a priority every day!

Cerebral Palsy & The Covid-19 Pandemic

During the Covid-19 pandemic, William's care team put our concerns to rest with their extremely professional conduct. With their enhanced infection prevention measures, it was clear that they left no stone unturned.

Kingdom Healthcare regularly supply extra PPE and each staff member diligently washes hands and dons and doffs, while explaining each process clearly to William. This approach has helped our son understand their infection control requirements in this confusing time.

Kingdom Healthcare has kept our family whole and helped us cope with William's Cerebral Palsy condition. It's safe to say that the nurses and care staff have become part of our family.