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World Diabetes Day: Kingdom Healthcare

World Diabetes Day takes place on the 14th of November 2023 and serves as a poignant reminder of the critical need for diabetes awareness and management. This global health issue affects millions of people and demands our collective attention and resources. In this blog post, we delve into the significance of World Diabetes Day and how we play a pivotal role in empowering service users to manage their diabetes and enhance their overall well-being.

Diabetes is a growing worldwide epidemic. This chronic condition disrupts how the body processes glucose (sugar) from food, potentially leading to numerous health complications. The global impact of diabetes is profound, underlining the urgency for raising awareness and providing support.

At Kingdom Healthcare, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing unwavering support, guidance, and resources to our service users living with diabetes. Our healthcare professionals work diligently to help service users better manage their condition, make informed choices, and promote a healthier lifestyle.

For those living with diabetes, we provide an array of indispensable tools, including glucose meters, test strips, and 24/7 access to insulin when needed. These tools are essential for effective monitoring and management of blood sugar levels, ensuring the well-being of all our service users.

A key piece of diabetes management is embracing a healthy lifestyle. At Kingdom Healthcare, we consistently emphasise the importance of a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and diligent monitoring of blood sugar levels. Our mission is to guide and support service users in making lifestyle choices that lead to better health outcomes.

World Diabetes Day is more than an annual day, it's a call to action to enhance the lives of those affected by diabetes. At Kingdom Healthcare we play an integral role in this effort, offering invaluable resources and a supportive network for our service users living with diabetes. By promoting awareness, education, and practical tools for diabetes management, we align seamlessly with the spirit of World Diabetes Day. Together, we work towards the shared goal of healthier and happier lives for all those impacted by diabetes.

Celebrating Excellence in Domiciliary Care: Our Awards

In a ceremony held on September 27th at The Millbrook Lodge Hotel in Ballynahinch, we recognised and celebrated the exceptional contributions of our domiciliary care assistants in the South Eastern division. These compassionate caregivers serve communities in Downpatrick, Ballynahinch, Crossgar, and Saintfield, impacting the lives of over 120 service users.

Niamh Conaty, our General Manager, during the awards shared her deep appreciation for our dedicated team members, emphasising that these awards were established to acknowledge and honour the outstanding efforts put forth in upholding the highest standards of service and care. It's their commitment, loyalty, and hard work that define Kingdom Healthcare and make a profound difference in the lives of our service users.

During the ceremony, five awards and highly commended accolades were presented across five different categories, showcasing the remarkable work of our domiciliary care assistants.

1. The Compassionate Caregiver Award This award celebrated caregivers who exhibited exceptional compassion, empathy, and dedication in providing homecare services. Cathy Sharvin was the proud recipient of this award, with Eirinn Hayes, Joyce Bell, and Sinead Wilson receiving well-deserved recognition as highly commended caregivers.

2. The Homecare Hero Award Angela Boyd was honoured with this award, recognising her unwavering dedication, exceptional caregiving skills, and profound compassion. Ellie Barlow, Michelle Russell, and Donna Mageean were also acclaimed as highly commended in this category.

3. Outstanding Patient Support Award Anthony Flanaghan received this award in acknowledgment of his exceptional support to patients and their families. Ashleigh Hall, Paula McCoubrey, and Jennifer Wade were all highly commended for their exceptional contributions in this category.

4. Lifetime Achievement in Homecare Award The Lifetime Achievement in Homecare Award was presented to Ann-Marie Quinn, celebrating her long and distinguished career in the homecare industry and her significant contributions to the lives of our service users. Highly commended carers in this category included Angela Boyd, Shan Barlow, and Jennifer Wade.

5. Excellence in Complex Care Award Oonagh Pollock and Clement Hanna were presented with the Excellence in Complex Care Award for their outstanding performance in managing and coordinating care for patients with complex medical conditions. Highly commended recipients for this award were Heather Patterson, Heather Ward, Margaret Clendenning, Hannah Ashe, and Caitlin Rooney.

We can’t wait for the next two Service Excellence in Domiciliary Care Awards this month celebrating our Southern and Northern domiciliary care assistants. Congratulations everyone!

Back to School with Kingdom Healthcare

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At Kingdom Healthcare we understand the excitement and anxiety that comes with back-to-school season. It's a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and lots of opportunities.

However, it's also a time when parents need to adjust their schedules to accommodate their children's routines. It can be a challenging time to balance work and family life, but it doesn't have to be!


At Kingdom Healthcare, we understand the importance of supporting our team members, especially during back-to-school season. We know that working parents want to give their children the best start, and that's why we offer flexible working arrangements that are perfect for parents with kids heading back to school this month.


Our flexible working arrangements allow our team members to adjust their schedules and work around their children's school drop-offs and pick-ups. We understand that our employees have commitments outside of work, and we want to ensure that they have the freedom to balance their work and home life effectively.


At Kingdom Healthcare, our focus is on providing high-quality care services to our Service Users. We pride ourselves on having a caring and compassionate team that meets the needs of our Service Users, every day. As a member of our team, you'll have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of those around you while enjoying a fulfilling career that accommodates your family needs.


We believe in creating a working environment that promotes work-life balance and supports our team members' personal and professional development. We understand that a happy and healthy workforce is essential for providing excellent care services to our clients. 


At Kingdom Healthcare, we're committed to creating a caring and compassionate environment that allows our employees to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them while enjoying a fulfilling career that accommodates their family needs.


To join and to find out more information please email:

Enhancing Care Sector In-House Training for a Brighter Future

In the realm of healthcare, particularly in the care sector, constant development and improvement are imperative to ensure the highest standards of service and service user care. At Kingdom Healthcare, we play a crucial role in equipping our professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of our in-house training programs and how they contribute to a brighter future for the care sector.


Tailored Training Programs:

Our in-house training is designed to cater to the diverse needs of the care sector. From residential care to specialised medical services, we offer a comprehensive range of skills tailored to the unique requirements of different healthcare settings. By focusing on specific areas, our health care professionals can enhance their expertise and deliver top-notch care to our service users.


Staying Updated with Best Practices:

The healthcare industry is ever evolving, with advancements in medical science and technology occurring at a rapid pace. We ensure that our health care professionals stay updated with the latest best practices, protocols, and guidelines therefore, our staff can deliver safer and more effective treatments to our service users.


Promoting Person-Centred Care:

This approach emphasises tailoring care plans to meet individual service user’s needs, preferences, and circumstances. Person-centred care fosters better communication between patients and caregivers, leading to higher patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes.


Fostering a Supportive Environment:

Apart from imparting knowledge, our in-house training also fosters a supportive learning environment. Care professionals can engage in peer-to-peer discussions, share experiences, and learn from one another. This collaborative atmosphere not only encourages knowledge-sharing but also promotes a sense of camaraderie among healthcare professionals.


Our commitment to enhancing care sector training is pivotal in shaping a brighter future for healthcare. By providing in-house tailored programs, empowering caregivers, staying updated with best practices, and fostering a supportive environment, we believe that we contribute to a more proficient and compassionate care sector.


Does learning about our in-house training interest you? Do you want to explore a career in healthcare?


To find out more please email:

Revolutionising Healthcare: The Rise of Hospital-at-Home Care

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Revolutionising Healthcare: The Rise of Hospital-at-Home Care

In recent years, there has been a transformative shift in the way healthcare is being delivered. One of the most significant developments is the concept of "hospital-at-home" care, which brings the hospital to the comfort of a service user’s own residence. Today, we will explore the concept of hospital-at-home care and how it is revolutionising the healthcare industry.


Understanding Hospital-at-Home Care:

Hospital-at-home care is an innovative approach that allows service users to receive acute medical care in the familiar surroundings of their own homes. This model aims to provide a range of services that were traditionally only available in a hospital setting. By leveraging technology, skilled healthcare professionals, and advanced medical equipment, hospital-at-home care offers a viable alternative to inpatient hospital stays.


The Benefits of Hospital-at-Home Care:

1.    Enhanced Comfort and Convenience: One of the primary advantages of hospital-at-home care is that service users can receive necessary medical attention without the stress and discomfort associated with hospital stays.


2.    Reduced Infections: By shifting care to the home, the risk of acquiring hospital-acquired infections is significantly minimized, ensuring a safer healthcare experience for service users.


3.    Personalized Care: Hospital-at-home care allows for more personalized attention and tailored treatment plans. Healthcare professionals can focus on delivering individualized care while in the service user’s home.


4.    Eligibility and Services Offered: Hospital-at-home care is suitable for a wide range of medical conditions. Each care plan is carefully customized to meet our service user’s unique needs.


5.    The Future of Hospital-at-Home Care: The success and acceptance of hospital-at-home care has paved the way for its expansion and integration into mainstream healthcare systems, making it more widely available for those who may require specialised care at home.

Hospital-at-home care is transforming the healthcare landscape by bringing hospital-level care to the service user in the comfort of their own home. With its numerous benefits, including enhanced comfort and reduced infections, this innovative model is revolutionising the way we approach healthcare delivery.

If you’d like to enquire about our Hospital-at-Home care service, or have any questions, please contact the Kingdom Healthcare team at:

Care at Home: Enhancing Wellbeing with Kingdom Healthcare

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In today's fast-paced world, where time is precious and quality of life matters, Care at Home has emerged as a vital solution for individuals seeking personalised and compassionate care within the familiar confines of their own homes. We understand the importance of tailored support and endeavour to deliver exceptional care services that promote independence and wellbeing to our service users. In this blog, we will explore what Care at Home with Kingdom Healthcare entails and how our approach stands out in the industry.


1. Personalised Care Plans

Care at Home encompasses a wide range of services designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of individuals. Kingdom Healthcare recognises that each person has specific requirements, whether it be assistance with daily tasks, medication management, or companionship. By creating personalised care plans, we ensure that every aspect of our service users wellbeing is addressed comprehensively, fostering a sense of security and empowerment.


2. Skilled and Compassionate Caregivers

One of the core pillars of Care at Home is the quality of the caregivers involved. We take great pride in our team of skilled and compassionate professionals who provide the highest standard of care. Our staff undergo rigorous and regular training, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise to handle various health conditions and care and support individuals with respect and dignity. Their presence not only offers physical assistance but also emotional support, promoting a sense of trust and companionship.


3. Independence and Familiarity

One of the significant advantages of receiving care at home is the ability to maintain independence and stay connected to familiar surroundings. We understand the importance of preserving the individual's autonomy while meeting their needs accordingly. Whether it is assistance with mobility or meal preparation, the goal is to enable all service users to live their lives to the fullest while enjoying the comforts of home.


4. Enhanced Wellbeing

Care at Home goes beyond addressing physical needs; it also focuses on enhancing overall wellbeing. We recognise the importance of mental and emotional health that incorporates activities and companionship into their care plans. Engaging in hobbies, social interaction, and maintaining a sense of purpose are all integral components of our approach, contributing to a higher quality of life and overall happiness.


5. Safety and Peace of Mind

With Care at Home, safety is a top priority. We ensure that the home environment is assessed and modified, if necessary, to minimise risks and hazards. From fall prevention measures to medication management systems, we implement comprehensive safety protocols to provide peace of mind to both the individuals receiving care and their families.


Care at Home revolutionises the way we approach caregiving by placing the individual's comfort, independence, and wellbeing at the forefront. By offering personalised care plans, with skilled staff members, we set the standard for an exceptional home care service.

Our dedication to enhancing overall wellbeing and ensuring safety allows individuals to embrace their daily lives with confidence, knowing they are in the caring and capable hands of professionals who prioritise their needs.

To learn more about our Care at home packages, contact Kingdom Healthcare today: / 02844830486.

‘Kingdom Week’ opens doors to 50 jobs at Kingdom Healthcare

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Kingdom Healthcare has just announced its first-ever Kingdom Week, with 50 jobs available across the Group. For one week only, new recruits can avail of an up-weighted cash bonus and complimentary Access NI checks. Available jobs include registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Domiciliary Care Assistants.

Headquartered in Downpatrick, Kingdom Healthcare is an industry leader in Northern Ireland, delivering specialist homecare services for clients across the region and with additional offices in Belfast and Lurgan. With more than 250 dedicated team members, Kingdom Healthcare offers healthcare, domiciliary care and nursing care to clients across Northern Ireland.

Commenting on Kingdom Week, Patricia Casement, Managing Director of Kingdom Healthcare says: “We are very proud of our Kingdom Healthcare family and we are continuously seeking to expand and welcome new team members. Currently, there is a very high demand in the healthcare sector and we welcome applications, including those from people with no prior experience, as we will provide full intensive training.

“Kingdom Week is our way of encouraging new applications to our sector, which provides such a critical service to many families across Northern Ireland. We are offering an additional £50 joining bonus for one week only, meaning the new employee will receive a total of £150 joining bonus - this is for new applicants who are interviewed during Kingdom Week, which will run from 30th January until 3rd February 2023.

“At Kingdom Healthcare, the work we do is very rewarding and fulfilling. We care about our employees and service users and strive to ensure employee satisfaction.”

Kingdom Week will take place from 30th January to 3rd February, during which Kingdom Healthcare will up-weigh the joining bonuses for new employees.

Applicants are encouraged to apply during Kingdom Week to avail of the increased joining bonus of £150, free Access NI checks and the Kingdom Healthcare generous employee package that includes paid training, uniforms and travel time as well as weekly pay and flexible working hours. To book your registration now, contact